Ash Cantilevered Sideboard

Ash Cantilevered Sideboard Dimensions : size, 1400 mm x 750 mm X 400 mm Solid Ash handcrafted hall table with hand cut dovetail joints and Walnut detailing. Available to commission to specific measurements Material: Pictured: Ash (available in a variety of different hardwoods

“Trasna na dTonntna” Writing Desk

Limited edition piece. (Trasna na dtonntna, meaning: across the waves) Constructed in American Black Walnut, L.2100mm  H.1000mm  W. 650mm This Piece was designed to be a feature piece but functional at the same time, its design was heavily influenced by the waves around the coastline of the Hook Peninsula. No 1 of 5

Maple Hall Console Table

This piece was designed and made to a very high spec  with the clients input being very visible within the end product. the brief was again very loose in terms of design but very informative in that it was to be a statement piece that would catch the eye upon entering the clients home. It…

Walnut & Oak Sideboard

This piece was commissioned with a brief stating “it needs to be different” with the end result being this Sideboard with a Turned cabinet at one end, The cabinet was turned on the lathe by hand with the doors cut out at the end,the walnut top is a large shallow bowl shaped key-tray in Walnut.…