We have been commissioned to design and make furniture for a range of clientele.

We pride ourselves on listening and understanding your requirements so we can tailor

the commission specifically for you. We work closely with all our clients from the outset,

providing a personal service and a wealth of experience to guide your commission through every stage of

the project from start to completion.

Commissioning Shane Tubrid Furniture by Design involves a collaborative journey
between our clients and us. It brings together design and excellence in craftsmanship.
As some clients have clearly defined ideas of what they would like, others dont, so our
job is to refine and hone ideas, to inspire and ultimately create. Paramount to every
job we do is the understanding that our clients get exactly what they want, this is
after all, one of the key reasons for commissioning a bespoke piece of furniture or turned piece.

Whether a commission for a single piece of furniture or a larger fit out,
we apply our creativity and passion for designing and making to all the work we undertake.
Our goal is simple,to exceed our clients expectations by providing unique bespoke
handcrafted pieces of furniture.

The starting point to any commission is the initial meeting, ideally we like this
to take place at our client’s home as this gives us an opportunity to establish
a feel for their style, tastes and surroundings. The purpose of this meeting is
to meet the client to discuss the project and to establish a brief, it is also antimber
opportunity to discuss budgets and timescales.

From this first meeting and guided by our brief, we start to develop ideas.
We are inspired by many different things. The culmination of this development stage
will be a design proposal to be presented in the form of hand drawn sketches along with
suggestions for materials at a second meeting.

The second meeting is an opportunity to go through initial designs, present samples
and discuss costing. It can take place either at the workshop or the clients home.
Open dialogue is very important at this stage. Typically by the end of this meeting,

good progress will have been made towards establishing a finalised design for
presentation at a third meeting.

At the third meeting we present our design based on the initial brief. It is at this
stage that a deposit is taken to confirm a place in the workshop production schedule.

Commissioning bespoke furniture is about understanding the clients requirements and
communicating the proposal to them through inspired, practical design.