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Wood, From tree to finished piece…

In either solid or veneer form the diversity of wood is remarkable – no two species are the
same just as no two trees within a species the same. We work closely with some of the
best timber suppliers and go to great lengths to ensure we only use the very finest,
responsibly sourced wood.  We hand select the best, most suitable wood for each project we undertake.

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Whether commissioning a bespoke table frame fabricated and polished or getting
brass/aluminum strips made for decorative inlays we use the best metalworkers to get
the job done right.

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Glass & Mirror

We work with glass workers and large scale manufactures alike to offer our clients
an ever increasing range of glass and mirror options, large toughened floating glass

table tops and toughened glass shelves are just a few of the ways we used glass and mirror.

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Leather & Fabric

We use leather and fabric in a host of ways – from suede lined drawers to upholstered seating.

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Specialist Finishes

We have used a variety of specialist finishes on our furniture which have included;,
high gloss lacquering , liming and waxing , oiling and sandblasting.

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Providing samples of materials is very important – they help clients visualise their
piece as well as help to ensure that the materials being proposed will work within a room scheme.