Wood & Veneer

At Shane Tubrid Furniture we work with both solid form or veneer, wood is an intriguing natural material, with each species having its own unique quality. We have a good relationship with some of the best Hardwood and veneer suppliers in Ireland and the UK where we can select only the very best sustainably sourced FSC timber for our furniture.

The shear amount of choice is vast, Below you will see many of the more readily available wood samples.



Whilst we work predominantly in wood this is by no means exclusive. We have experience of working with a diverse range of materials, as well as working alongside craftsman who excel in other materials who share our uncompromising standards and commitment to quality


Commonly used Hardwoods available in both solid and veneer


Shane Tubrid - Ash sample picShane Tubrid - Beech sample picShane Tubrid - Cherry sample picShane Tubrid - Chestnut sample picShane Tubrid - Elm sample picShane Tubrid - European Walnut sample pic 2Shane Tubrid - Maple 2 sample picShane Tubrid - Olive Ash sample picShane Tubrid - Red Oak sample picShane Tubrid - Sapele-Mahogany sample picShane Tubrid - Spalted Beech sample picShane Tubrid - Walnut sample picShane Tubrid - White Oak sample pic


Decorative Veneers. A small sample of the many decorative veneers available

ELM BURLPipi YewShane Tubrid - Birdseye Maplesample picShane Tubrid - Oak Burl Cluster Veneer SampleShane Tubrid - Oak Burl Veneer SampleShane Tubrid - Olive Ash sample picShane Tubrid - Spalted Beech sample picShane Tubrid - Walnut Burl Veneer SampleShane Tubrid - Zebrano sample pic

Dyed Veneers – Usually from Popular (Tulip wood) available in a wide variety of colours