At the very heart of Shane Tubrid Furniture by Design is the designing and makingOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

of one off bespoke furniture. Individual freestanding pieces where we combine our

designing and making skills, our relentless attention to detail and passion for furniture with

some of the finest materials to ensure our clients receive the very best bespoke furniture available.

90% of what we do is commissioned based handcrafted furniture with the remaining 10% consisting

of unique design realisation and development, these pieces are usually limited edition or short batch runs.

Every piece is open to further development or available in different materials.

All our handcrafted furniture is custom made and designed to reflect the clients own individual

requirements and tastes, let it be a solid dining table to a coffee table, a sideboard or a console table,

a chest of drawers to a writing desk or dressing table, the client and end user will be involved in every

aspect of the process.